Dominic’s Great Grandfather, John Vitale, was an artist who immigrated to the United States from Napoli. He opened his art and photography studio on the 2nd floor of 221 Columbia Street and settled his family on the floor above his studio. Dominic’s process of studying and understanding tradition and discovering new expressions and evolutions in coffee extraction has roots in the same artistic process that fueled John Vitale’s successful career.  An apprenticeship under a Master Italian Roaster in Bensonhurst, whom everyone affectionately calls Mister Joe, built the foundation for Kings Coffee | Roasters. After 50 years in the business, Mister Joe decided to take Dominic and John Palastro as his students. Teaching the brothers about coffee and his traditions, Mister Joe trusted the Brothers Palastro to continue his legacy. Mister Joe has an incredible pallet and during his career he perfected several blends of coffee. Two of Mister Joe’s blends of coffee, Mister Joe’s Espresso and Mister Joe’s Americano can be purchased exclusively through Kings Coffee | Roasters.

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